Source and binaries


A headless Windows music and radio player. It requires you to have mplayer.exe in your path or current directory, but apart from that it just works! Included in the source is a telnet-style remote control.

Type 'The Beatles[Enter]' to start playing. Press right-arrow to play next song. Have fun!

[Tab] toggles shuffle; [F1], [F2] and so forth plays the different playlists and radio (currently only Swedish public service radio supported, but with a streaming mpeg URL you can add your personal preference).


Have problems turning off the computer in time at night? Do you too work much too late much too often? Don't sweat it, a cure has been deviced! Download, unzip and place GoToBed.exe (in list above) in a folder of your choosing (C:\Program Files) and simply run it. At 0:30 it will show a warning sign and at 0:33 it will hibernate your computer.

Oh, and there is no way to kill it.

If you feel like 21:50 is a more suitable time to go to bed, also download this tiny file and name it

        C:\Documents and Settings\[User]\.goToBedTime

PS. If you subject your boyfriend to this treatment, it might be a good idea to ask first.