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We connect young software professionals with large businesses to help both flourish in the long term.

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  • Our expertise

  • Backend development in Java and .NET
  • Web development in Angular, Vue and React
  • Kubernetes and Docker
  • git
  • Bash and Python scripting
  • MongoDB, Couchbase, Redis, DynamoDB
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL, DB2
  • iOS and Android
  • Embedded software
  • Our industries

  • Automotive, infotainment and maps
  • Telecom and mobile
  • Financial and banking
  • Automation and AI
  • E-commerce and fashion
  • Data transformation and analytics
  • Simulation and visualization
  • Game dev and entertainment
  • Cryptocurrencies and trading


This is where many of our consultants come from.


This is where most of our customers reside.


Finances and accounting sits in the beautiful French countryside.


A minor part of our customers come from the country that is 26% below sea level.

Are you looking for work?

We offer a wide range of opportunities, good salaries and great work experiences. Would you be interested in working for a large company in tech? If you supply the knowledge, we'll get you the training and know-how neccesary to meet the high standards of successful Western companies. If you're a seasoned engineer, that's even easier. Come join the team!

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Pixel Doctrine

+46-7-25 26 26 25

Gothenburg, SWE

Dordogne, FRA

Bandung, IND

Dear customer

Looking for raw talent or outsourcing a suite of microservices?
— We got you covered.

Singular developers

Remote Junior Developer

This is the most common role we have to offer. Oftentimes a new recruit with a fresh masters degree in software engineering.

Remote Senior Developer

5+ years in development in the field you're looking for.

Remote team

Small team

A scrum master or team lead and 2-3 junior developers.

Large team

A scrum master, an architect, a business analyst and 4-8 junior developers.

Remote division

Several teams

Managers and several scrum teams, taking over maintenance and development of a large number of services.

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Requirements on our consultants

Owner mentality

You must be prepared to step up and help the customer. You will not wait for someone else to find bugs or tell you what to do. Instead you will work proactively to fix yours and others' problems before they become an impediment.


Tell it like it is. Everybody makes mistakes and each of us was once new at their job. It's best for the company to know about errors and knowledge gaps asap. Always tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may.


Be open, interested and interesting. Ask, listen and let your colleagues know you. Pretend your co-workers enjoy your company, and if they still don't, we will take our business somewhere else.

Also, wash once in a while. Even programmers need it.