For brando neuo, rapido 3Do game prototyping visist:

--> Trabant!


Don't let enemies of the state pass! Fire by tapping.

It's not the most entertaining game, but it's fun to pile 'em high for a few. Note that this game works best on the iPad, as you'll get black side margins on computers/iPhones.


Try to contain a number of balls in a small volume. You reduce the containing volume by cutting the containing level into smaller pieces.

This game is built for the iPad, so it works best there; also if you run it on the iPad you can shake the balls to one side, which make your job a lot easier on the higher levels.


Man's always dreamt about flying. Here's your chance!

Go up, down, right and... into stuff.

It's a bit of a physics sandbox where you avoid obstacles on time, but this time it involves A HELICOPTER!!! Oh man they do fly, don't they?

This is my first game developed from scratch! Take turns playing as Cutie, the trembling little old lady car, and Liutenant Launcher, the ferocious launcher who wants to bomb Cutie to kingdom come. One and two player modes.

My best game ever! On the computer that is, the controls on the iPhone/iPad aren't any good.

My first project was just a port, but then again a real classic from the nineties. Play against the computer or each other on the same keyboard. It's free on all platforms, and includes an awesome song from Swedish comedy group Grotesco on infinite repeat, to ensure you go nuts. Perfect for the lunch break.

I've also added an additional AI level, "Slime Wall", which I haven't been able to beat myself. Let me know if you ever succeed with that feat.